21 reasons to visit the Canary Islands

Now that winter is well on the way in a large part of the world, I thought it was about time to have a look at a nice and warm escape. I’ve always been fascinated by the Canary Islands: it’s a part of Spain, but because of its location close to the African coast the weather is always nice. I’ve never visited the Canary Islands, but I want to change that soon – for these reasons below!

1. Because there’s so much to choose from

I always thought the Canary Islands existed of ‘just’ three or four islands, but it’s actually seven! Wanna bet you don’t know all of them? Of course there’s the well known Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Tenerife, but there’s also the smaller ones: Fuerteventura, El Hierro, La Gomerra and La Palma. Enough to choose from!


2. Because the weather’s always nice

Because of the location of the islands close to the African coast, the islands have a fantastic climate. The best in the world, according to the tourist information centre. It’s one of the reasons tourists come and go all year round!

3. Because the islands are so diverse

From the vibrant Gran Canaria to the beautiful Fuerteventura, the amazing waves of Tenerife and the moon landscape of Lanzarote: the islands are really diverse. This is probably the reason why my best friend in school used to go back almost every summer… which obviously made me jealous, because I wanted to go to a nice warm island too! ;-)


4. Because you can pay in euros

I have to admit, I always like it when I don’t have to struggle with Norwegian kroner or Polish zlotys… but just use euros to pay everywhere. Easy does it, right?

5. Because you can practice your Spanish

The Canary Islands are a part of Spain, which makes that everyone speaks Spanish too. If you don’t speak any Spanish: the people on the island are so used to (British) tourists that the level of English is quite good. Though I think it’s a great place to practice my Spanish. Going to class in the morning, wandering around the village and lying at the beach in the afternoon… could be worse, right?


6. Because the beaches are beautiful

One of the things people love the most about the Canary Islands is the fact that its nature is so diverse. Not only will you find beautiful white sandy beaches to work on your tan, but there’s also black beaches!

7. Because it’s the perfect spot for snorkelling and diving

I’ve never been diving before, but I love snorkelling! And apparently the Canary Islands is the perfect spot for both. Maybe now is the time to get my diver’s certificate?


8. Because the nature offers you great outdoor options

You might not expect it, but several islands even offer you plenty of options for hiking and mountain biking. So if you’re a bit of an adventurer, you won’t be bored!

9. Because you can never have too much cheese

Real cheese lovers will love the Canary Islands, because every island produces at least one type of cheese. And not just any cheese, since they’ve already won the World Cheese Awards once!


10. Because their wines are superb…

Fun fact: my dad used to run a wine company. It stopped existing years ago, before I was legally allowed to drink wine, but I suspect my love of wine runs through my veins. So if you tell me a destination has world class wines, I obviously have to go. Especially combined with the above-mentioned cheeses!

11. Because you can spot the Milky Way

The islands contain a lot of pristine nature and have an advantageous location. This means that if you’re lucky and it’s a bright night, you can see the Milky Way! How magical is that? Alternatively you can also visit one of the observatories, so you won’t have to depend on luck as much ;-).


12. Because it’s a great destination for surfing

I’ve surfed twice in my life: twice in California of which one attempt was successful and the other one a total failure, haha. I would love to try it again, so I wouldn’t mind booking a nice apartment in Lanzarote or Tenerife and do some work in the morning while taking up some surfing lessons in the afternoon.

13. Because you can spot a lot of wild animals

When you think of animals and the Canary Islands, you might think of those photos were people happily kiss a dolphin. But thankfully those are not the only animals you can spot at the Canary Islands. Luckily there’s a lot of animals in the wild too, including whales! I’ve only seen whales in San Diego, but that wasn’t really a spectacular trip (we saw some water spurting up, but that was about it). I’d love to have another chance at spotting whales at the Canary Islands!


14. Because there’s something for everyone

As you might notice by know: there’s something for everyone at the Canary Islands. Funny enough, another blogger recently asked her readers for advice because she wanted a week of sun during the winter. Her whole family had a list of demands, so she didn’t know what to pick anymore. Guess what got recommended the most? The Canary Islands! It’s fun for everyone: if you want to experience the culture you can visit some villages, but if you want to relax that’s totally possible too. And the kids can have fun and play in the pool.

15. Because it’s perfect for relaxing

The main reason people visit the Canary Islands is because they want to relax. Letting everything go and just feel the sun on their skin, and dip their toes in the sea every now and then. And in the evening you can have a lovely Spanish meal with your family. Nowadays, the Canary Islands are a synonym for that real holiday feeling.

16. Because you’ll find some Spanish cuisine

By now I’ve been to Spain a few times, and just thinking about the words ‘Spanish cuisine’ I start getting hungry. It’s not just the paella, but also the ham and chorizo, the cheeses, and the delicious fresh fish. I absolutely love the Spanish cuisine, so just that would be enough reason for me to go.


17. Because you can party during Carnival

If you like a bit of a party, you obviously have to check out the Mediterranean countries, which means the Canary Islands as well! Carnival is apparently one big colorful, noisy and festive party.

18. Because it’s beautiful…

See for yourself…


19. Because it’s affordable

It might not be the cheapest holiday destination in Europe, still visiting the Canary Islands is quite affordable. The islands are a bit more expensive because of the touristic character, but it’s definitely not like Ibiza or southern France during high season. Especially in low season it’s really affordable to visit for a week. Super clever!

20. Because you can hit a hole-in-one

I have the hand-eye coordination of a sheep, but if anyone who reads this has a bit of talent for golfing: you can get a hit at the Canary Islands (haha, get it?!). The islands are known amongst golfers as a really good destination because of their high quality golf courses.


21. Because there’s more to discover than you know…

Did you know there was so much to do? No, right? Me neither, until I started doing some research! I’m seriously thinking about visiting the Canary Islands for a week this winter, to escape the cold, and as you can see I won’t get bored. I can’t wait!

For more reasons, visit http://www.hellocanaryislands.com.

Have you ever been to the Canary Islands? Which one is your favorite?

This article was originally written in cooperation with the Dutch tourism board for the Canary Island. All images are theirs and used with permission.

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  1. Lisa // Fjords & Beaches

    The Canary Islands is a very popular destination in Norway! I recently got certified as a diver and would love to go back now that I can explore the great dive spots I keep hearing about!


  2. Shachar | Going Out of Office

    Hi Milou,

    I enjoyed reading the post. I always wanted to visit the Canary Islands, but it never was on the top of my list.
    The post and the amazing photos(!), absolutely makes me wanna book the next flight and just go there.

    Thank you,


  3. Daniele Merkov

    This is nice. My wife and I are excited for the vacation we’ve booked in Spain and definitely we will go to the Canary. El-Hierro is one of our eyeing place for our 1st stop :) There so many thing we want to do from a page we’ve read https://www.canaryislandsinfo.co.uk/el-hierro/things-to-do/I wanted to know if you have experience traveling to this wonderful Island.


    1. Explorista

      I haven’t been to El Hierro! Do let me know what its like :)


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