Waking up to the skyline of Bangkok at Banyan Tree Hotel Bangkok

I wake up and stretch. I reach for the curtain with my right arm and open it. The morning sun shines into the room and I rub the sleep out of my eyes. The skyline of Bangkok extends right in front of me. It’s magical. The evening before I saw the sun set over Bangkok from the 61st floor. Are you looking for a luxury destination above the hustle and bustle of Bangkok? Then you should really check out our stay at Banyan Tree Bangkok.

One of the best things of Thailand is that you price level allows you to treat yourself to luxury hotels. Which is what we did in Bangkok: you have to make the most of it, right!? I was invited to try out the Banyan Tree Bangkok, and I looked forward to it so much. I love a good hotel room view, so when I heard that we were sleeping on the 56th floor, I wanted to scream in excitement.

Banyan Tree Hotel Bangkok is a property of the Banyan Tree Group, a luxury hotel chain with locations in fourteen countries, almost all of them located in Asia. The one in Bangkok is located right next to Lumpini park, perhaps the best park in Bangkok. When we were there, the sun was just about to set and hundreds of people ran their daily route through the park. There were sports classes everywhere around us, and the park even has changing rooms so that runners can change from their work outfit into their sports clothing, rent a safe, and do some running. Just how amazing is that?!

The location is pretty nice. You can easily get to the Skytrain and visit many different locations (which is probably faster than taking a taxi during rush hour). About the hotel itself: the rooms are actually divided into two different classes. There are the standard rooms of course, but the Serenity Club rooms (and up) give you access to the lounge where there are free snacks and a different breakfast buffet than the standard rooms have. We had one of the more luxurious rooms, and I can tell you the breakfast buffet really is something straight out of your dreams. Crepes, eggs Benedict, sushi …. everything. It has about everything.

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Checking into Banyan Tree Hotel Bangkok, a review

The room itself was super comfortable, with a sofa and a desk we were able to work on. The WiFi was fast, and the bed was amazing. In the evening, after a lovely shower, I put on my slippers and bathrobe and could still work with Bangkok’s skyline in the background. Perfect!

The hotel has seven restaurants, a gym, swimming pool and an award-winning spa. Which is pretty pricey compared to other places in Bangkok, so I didn’t use it (though it looked beautiful). My favorite thing about the hotel was probably the attention to detail. All restaurants are so stylish, and all decorated in the style of the cuisine they represent. But not just the restaurants, every room is designed with great attention to detail. And the smartest thing? Almost everything is for sale. Banyan Tree has its own design agency that designs this all. As an entrepreneur that makes my heart do happy jumps, isn’t that cool?!

The absolute highlight of the hotel is of course the rooftop terrace on the 61 floor. The funny thing is, one of my Instagram-followers recommended me to go to the Moon Bar … and I hadn’t looked it up yet, thinking that I would do that sometime later. Then I went up for dinner, and suddenly I see the Moon Bar on the other side of the restaurant. What a coincidence!

So one night we dined at Vertigo restaurant, overlooking the skyline of Bangkok. I can’t even put it into words how awesome that was. Watching the sunset over Bangkok, the twinkling lights below in the distance, even witnessing the daily thunderstorm in the distance. I felt so incredibly happy in that moment. And the food was also very tasty. If you have something to celebrate in Bangkok, an anniversary or birthday, you really have to go to Vertigo. After that, enjoy a cocktail at Vertigo TOO, the bar that is located on the floor beneath the restaurant, where live music is played. I really felt on top of the world.

All in all, I can really recommend a stay in Banyan Tree Bangkok, and although I stayed there on invitation, I would also highly recommend the “standard” rooms, which are on lower floors. I think they may even be more cozy than the higher class ones! But the facilities that came with the Club Serenity Rooms were absolutely fantastic. If you don’t have the means to stay here, I can still recommend you the dinner in Vertigo, or a drink in Vertigo Too or the Moon Bar. It is a memory that will stay with you always :-).


Either way, consider a visit to Banyan Tree Bangkok on your next visit to Bangkok. Rooms start from 5,800 baht (which is about 150 euros). Check the most recent prices here.

What do you think is the most beautiful place for a view over Bangkok’s Skyline?


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