17 of the Best Places to Visit in Romania: Cities, Castles, and More

Romania may not be very well known as a holiday destination, but that may change as far as I am concerned. We made a nice trip through this Eastern European country and saw absolutely beautiful places. If you still want to get inspiration for your own holiday, I hope that this blog post with the best places to visit in Romania helps you!

17 of the Best Places to Visit in Romania

1. Sighişoara

The cute Sighişoara is a beautiful village full of winding streets with brightly colored houses. In a few hours you have seen everything, but that makes it a nice stopover for one night. The entire village center is UNESCO-protected heritage, and it’s such a romantic place to visit! Check here for a full walking tour of Sighişoara

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By Radu Privantu via Wikimedia Commons

2. The Bucegi Sphinx

The Romanian Sphinx is a natural rock formation in the Bucegi Natural Park. It is located in a complex with rock formations. You’ll recognize a Sphinx in the profile of the rock. It’s easiest to see on November 21st when the sun goes right behind it. Check here for a day tour to the Spinx, Babele, and Ialomitei Cave from Bucharest

3. Biertan

Biertan is another incredible place where you can see the Saxon influence in its architecture. Be sure to visit the church on top of the hill. You can see it from the village square, and the whole village itself has been around since 1238. This tour will take you to both Biertan and Sighisoara

by Dickelbers via Wikimedia Commons

4. Sucevița Monastery 

One of the most important sights in northern Romania is the painted monasteries of Bukovina. A beautiful example is the Sucevița Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This is an Eastern Orthodox monastery that dates back to 1585. Its paintings date back to 1600 and showcase biblical scenes. The Voronet Monastery is also worth a visit. Check here for a tour to take you to all the Bukovina monasteries from Iasi

5. Brasov

I found Brasov one of the nicest cities in Romania. There is a relaxed atmosphere and because of its convenient location, you can easily reach all the highlights of Transylvania. The city is already more than 800 years old and is bursting with history. My tip is to take a walking tour of the city to really learn more about it. Check here for a private tour of Brasov

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by Mihai Lucîț via Wikimedia Commons

6. Maramures

Maramures is the region to visit if you want to see more traditional Romanian villages. You will find beautiful wooden churches, endless forests, and many traditional arts (especially carvings). Save your money to buy souvenirs here. Check here for a two-day experience in Maramures

7. Peleş Castle

The beautiful Peleş Castle is one of the most beautiful Romanian castles I have ever visited. It’s not just the exterior that’s beautiful but the interior as well. I love castles that have been decorated and preserved with an eye for detail. And Peleş certainly does just this, with themed rooms in Turkish salon style, for example, or Venetian frills. Check here for a half-day tour to Peleş Castle and museum tour

By randyjournalism via Pixabay

8. Cluj-Napoca

This is the largest city of Transylvania. Although the city is completely called Cluj-Napoca, it is also called “Cluj” by locals. It’s known more as a student city with no less than 11 (!) universities. This means it’s bursting with trendy restaurants and cafes. You will find a number of beautiful churches in the center, and the nightlife is also worth it. Check here for a walking tour of Cluj-Napoca

9. Ceahlau National Park

When I travel through a country, I always try to catch a national park. In this case, it was Ceahlau National Park, where we ended up visiting the Bicaz Canyon. I found it really magical here. The park is high in the mountains, and thus there is often a mystical low-hanging clouds. What’s more ghostly than a foggy forest in Transylvania? Here you can walk around some beautiful areas and enjoy an off the beaten track destination.

by Eduard Schuster via Wikimedia Commons

10. Râpa Roșie (The Red Ravine)

The Red Ravine sounds either as an episode of “Game of Thrones” or a comic book by Suske and Wiske. If you love nature as Bryce Canyon or Grand Canyon in America, then you will also like this (much smaller) canyon. This rock formation consists of red pillars, pyramids, and towers – all created by natural erosion.

11. Sibiu

Sibiu is a nice city to spend time in. The center is compact and easy to discover on foot, it is bursting with history, and you have great museums to visit. My favorites were the Brukenthal Art Museum and ASTRA Complex (with all kinds of old traditional Romanian houses). It is also not far from, for example, the Transfagarasan Road (which is really a must visit in the summer!). Check here for a sightseeing tour of Sibiu.

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12. Parcul National Retezat 

If you are still looking for a great nature park to visit, then Parcul National Retezat is a must. And not only because everyone is drunk there (do you understand the joke? So bad). Retezat is the oldest national park in Romania and, like most nature parks, is adjacent to the Carpathians. The Carpathians are pretty much the Alps of Romania, and therefore very beautiful. This park is located in the Retezat Mountains, so you can enjoy the views from high up.

13. Bran Castle

Bran Castle is perhaps the most famous castle in Romania and lies in the heart of Transylvania. It is world famous as the castle of Count Dracula, but … is that really true? Check here for a day trip to Bran Castle from Bucharest

by Cody Escadron Delta via Wikimedia Commons

14. The Danube Delta

The Danube is the most important river in Romania. The river crosses the land on the south side and brings with it, rich flora and fauna. The Delta, the largest wetland in Europe, is the only place where you can spot pelican colonies in Europe. It is, therefore, a very popular place with bird lovers. Check here for a full 2-day tour to the Danube Delta

15. The Transfăgărăşan Road

The most beautiful place of my journey was Transfăgărăşan, the road that was built between 1970 and 1974 by the Romanian army, which crosses the Carpathians. It has been voted the most beautiful road in the world and I 100% agree. The road meanders through the mountains, and offers truly beautiful views, especially when the low-hanging clouds mysteriously draw across the landscape.

You can only visit the road in the summer months (otherwise it is closed – too dangerous in winter), and do not forget to stop at Lake Balea. Not to be missed if you are road tripping through Romania. Check here to take a road trip through Transfăgărăşan Road

by Carcea Daniel via Wikimedia Commons

16. Corvin Castle

I am in love with castles (if you have not noticed), so, of course, I also added Corvin Castle had to be on this list. It is a Gothic-Renaissance style castle in the west of Transylvania and dates from the fifteenth century. The castle is seen as one of the seven wonders of Romania. It is also seen as one of the best medieval castles in Eastern Europe. Check here for a private tour that will take you to Hunedoara, which is where Corvin Castle is

17. Bucharest

And of course, the capital cannot be missed on my list of most beautiful cities in Romania. The city is bursting with a mixture of Eastern-block architecture and beautiful Art Deco buildings in Parisian style. The most famous landmark is, of course, the Palace of Parliament, which is one of the largest buildings in the world. The old city center is worth a visit. What I really liked about Bucharest, are all nice restaurants and cafes that you find there. Check here for a half-day Bucharest sightseeing tour.

And there you have it! The best places to visit in Romania from cities to castles and more.

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What are your favorite places in Romania?

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