5 Things to in Cambridge on a Day Trip

Cambridge & Oxford: if you’ve been to one, you obviously can’t skip the other. Even if it’s just to have an answer to the classic question which of the two is better.

I had been to Oxford before, so a few months later it was time to pay a visit to Cambridge. You can easily access Cambridge as a day trip from London, it’s just a short train ride away. But what are the must-do’s during a Cambridge day trip? I’m here to share that with you!

How to Do a Cambridge Day Trip

It’s less than two hours from London to Cambridge by car. You could also take a train from King’s Cross, which will get you there in about an hour.

If you prefer, though, it’s very easy to book a day trip to Cambridge from London. You can even combine it with a trip to Oxford as well.

5 Things to Do in Cambridge

While you can easily visit Cambridge and tour by yourself, if you’d prefer, you could book a tour while there. Try this historic walking tour or this highlights tour.


1. Visit the City Centre

The center of Cambridge was surprisingly large. It’s full of pubs, squares and famous stores. To me this was perfect, so I could combine some sightseeing with doing some shopping. The center is old and pretty, and the closer you get to the colleges, the older it gets – and the more tourists you’ll see!

In some places you’ll feel like you ended up in Rome: that’s how many people want to sell you a boat ride. But all in all I really liked the city centre. You can really tell it’s a city of students, because it was really vibrant everywhere.


2. Wander Around the Parks

One thing I really didn’t know, is that Cambridge has quite a lot of big parks. My favorite park was one I can’t remember the name of… It’s next to the University of Cambridge Peter House.

There are cows wandering around freely, you can even pet them, and it has a river running through the whole park. I really loved the nice and relaxed atmosphere here.


3. Go on a Punt Tour

Which means: go on a boat ride! In Cambridge the boats are called “punts.” True, it’s not really cheap, but in my opinion it’s the only real “must do” of Cambridge that you have to pay for. The punts look a bit like Venetian gondola’s, but luckily it’s not as expensive as in Venice.

You can rent one yourself, but I decided to get on board of a standard punt. This is the only way to get to a few of the most impressive colleges. What’s nice is that you’ll also get a little history lesson while floating across the water. Recommended! Book a shared punt tour here


4. See the Colleges

The colleges are obviously the main reason why you’re visiting Cambridge. If you compare Oxford and Cambridge in terms of which university is better, Cambridge eventually wins. The city has delivered a long list of Nobel prize winners.

Another fun fact: over the years people have made a sport of climbing the Cambridge buildings and hanging traffic cones on the towers. Super dangerous, but I guess it’s funny. This happened so many times that most buildings are now protected with spikes against people climbing! Kings College still remains the most impressive building of all.

Book a tour of the colleges here


5. Go out for food and drinks

Like I mentioned before, Cambridge is a real city of students. What does that mean? Well, there’s a wide range of affordable pubs and restaurants. I ended up at Aroma for a lovely lunch (pizza omg). At the end of the day I drank some 2-for-1 cocktails at the Granta.

While enjoying the sun I thought about Cambridge… and I could actually see myself living here. What a great city.

What are your favorite places in Cambridge?

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  1. the adventurer

    My best friend went to Cambridge and I loved visiting her! We went punting and enjoyed the town. We also got to watch rowing races =o) It’s such a beautiful place


  2. Jessica Munday

    Cambridge looks so pretty, the punting tour looks fun!


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