Dublin: 7 great & cheap restaurants

You’re in Dublin, and the weather’s not looking so great. No surprise there. When we were in Dublin we had lots of bad weather, so we decided to make the best of our time by spending a lot of it inside, tasting what Dublin has to offer in culinary terms. Irish cuisine may not get the best reviews, but newsflash – I liked food in Dublin a lot! These are my favorite cheap restaurants in Dublin.

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Our Airbnb host assured us: you’ll find the best burgers at Jo’Burger. It must’ve been true, since I’d already put the restaurant on my wish list when I was doing some research back home. The chain has five locations throughout the city – Smithfield is the one we went to. Apart from the classics they also offer some more original options: I can highly recommend the burger with mushrooms and garlic butter and the one with pear and brie!

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Gallagher Boxty House

Looking for real Irish food? Gallagher’s Boxty House is the place to be. Boxty’s are like pancakes, but made of potato and with filling inside! I wasn’t really feeling like heavy food and chose fish & chips – Mr. decided to go with a traditional stew.


The Joy of Chá

During our free walking tour through Dublin we made a pit stop at The Joy of Chá. We warmed up near the fire place with a nice hot cup of cappuccino and a huge creamy piece of chocolate pie.

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Sometimes my craving for sushi gets the best of me, and I have to give in. So when we walked by Zakura I couldn’t contain myself and we decided to have Japanese for dinner. Excellent choice! I chose sushi, obviously, and Mr. ordered a hot bowl of meat and vegetables – which both were delicious. It’s BYO here, and in the end we spent less than €35 total.

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Pitt Bro’s

Real men’s food, that’s the first thing that comes to mind. Beards, tattoos, lumberjacks. At Pitt Bro’s they serve everything from the American kitchen. Pulled pork is a specialty here and I really enjoyed it! The onion rings are so big, you could wear them as bracelets. In my opinion the lemonade was a bit too sweet, but there’s good news too… They serve free ice cream! Woooo!



My mouth still starts watering when I think back to the pizza I had at Florentina’s. A super thin, crispy base… Yum. Florentina’s is a super nice Italian restaurant where you can enjoy the Italian kitchen while surrounded by locals. And on top of that the host was really friendly!


Oscars Cafe

A really cool movie-themed cafe where we only had a drink, but the lunch and dinner options looked really good. The bar has two locations – we visited the one in Smithfields, next to the Lighthouse Cinema. We wanted to visit the cinema but when we were there there was nothing on that we liked.

All in all the food prices in Dublin were quite good. I don’t think I’ve spent over 20 euros per person every time. Which shows how good the value for money is because, damn, I’ve had some delicious meals in Dublin!

What’s your favorite cheap restaurant in Dublin?


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