How to approach hotels for a complimentary stay as a blogger (with e-mail template!)

So you’re a (travel) blogger, and you’re planning a fancy schmanzy holiday, but it would be pretty nice if you could cut the cost a little by setting up a sweet little arrangement with a local hotel. Right? Maybe a complimentary stay in exchange for a blogpost? Ofcourse it would be. I’ve done it MANY times and have had good success with it. I constantly hear other bloggers failing to score free hotel stays, though, and to be fair I’m not surprised. It’s not hard, but there IS an art to it. So today I lift the veil and share the secret with you! This strategy doesn’t only work for hotels, but for ANY collaboration you’d like to do as a blogger.

This is a very comprehensive 1700-word post (I had a LOT to say on this topic), so get ready!


So who am I to write this post? I run two travel blogs, one in Dutch and one in English. For my travel blogs I’ve stayed in a fair amount of hotels for which I did a barter deal: I got a complimentary stay, if I posted about it on my blog. I also worked on a project for a MAJOR travel brand where I got to send bloggers away on press trips (SUCH fun work, I promise you). So I’ve been both on the blogger and on the brand side, so I feel like I’ve got a pretty good grasp on the art of  successful pitching.

First off: the very first thing to consider is the following. Without this answer, there is absolutely no point in e-mailing. So please read the question carefully, and have a good answer. Ready? Here we go:

Why should hotels work with you? What do you have to offer?

Trust me: ‘I can write a blogpost and have 300 twitter followers’ is not the answer. Anyone can start a free website, and anyone can buy followers. This is not to say you’ll only be successful in scoring collaborations if you have big follower numbers. No, I’ve gotten complimentary hotel stays at 2,000 uniques a month. But you need to have a solid offer. This is a business deal, remember? If you’re not 100% confident your content will get the hotels bookings, don’t even bother emailing. This isn’t about you… this is about how you can help them develop their business.

Secondly: the better match a hotel is for your readers, the better your results will be off the collaboration. So please don’t go pitching a $500 a night-hotel, when your readers are broke college teenagers. There’s no use. Yes, you MIGHT get a fancy free stay, but none of your readers will book the hotel, and so there is no return on investment for the hotel. Not only will this reflect badly on any future collaborations you might do (why should we hire you if you got hotel X no bookings?), it might scare the hotel off of working with bloggers altogether. So if you’re a family blogger, choose a hotel that’s great for families. Budget bloggers, go for budget hotels and hostels. Fitness bloggers, choose a hotel with great wellness or workout facilities. Etc, etc. Again: PLEASE only email if you truly think your blogpost might get the hotel bookings.

Setting up a successful collaboration starts with choosing the right hotel for your blogs audience.

Also, please make sure you have the below, before you even so much consider emailing :).

    1. Your own domain
      Not a cold hard requirement, but I would REALLY recommend this. Why should a brand take your blog seriously if you don’t take your own site seriously? Or at least: not serious enough to own your own domain. If WordPress/Blogger owns your site they can take it down any time. If you have your own domain, it not only looks a lot more professional, but it also shows brands you mean business. And it only costs a few dollars!
    2. A professional looking email-address
      So like #1 this isn’t a cold hard requirement, but I would highly recommend it. Please don’t email with your address. It’s just… how would you feel if YOU hired someone with that email-address? Doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, right?

This guide tells you how you can work with hotels as a blogger. It includes tips and a handy email template so you can send smashing pitches.

How to structure your email:

An email should always answer more questions than it raises. So make sure your email is clear, complete and professional. Don’t write a great big novel, but also make sure you really sell this deal. Make sure they realize what an incredible addition you are to their business. These are the questions you need to answer in your pitch.

1. Who are you?

People want to talk to human beings, so please don’t forget to introduce yourself briefly, it’s the polite thing to do. Keep it short.

2. Why are you emailing?

Explain briefly what the reason is for your email. Most likely this will be because you are visiting a city on a certain date, and wanted to see if they work with bloggers, and would be willing to consider a collaboration with you.

3. What is your blog, what are your stats, and why is it a good match with the hotel?

Mention your blog, your stats & social stats (DO. NOT. LIE.) and explain why your blog is a good match with a hotel. For example: hotel X is a family friendly hotel in location X. Your readers are mostly females with families, and location X is a very popular holiday destination for your audience.

4. What are you asking for?

Are you asking for a discount or a free stay? For how many nights? And for how many rooms? Be clear. If this doesn’t work for the hotel, they will either say no (fair play to them!) or they will get back to you with a counter offer.

5. What can you offer in return?

Under promise, overdeliver. Don’t promise five hundred Instagram updates if you can only do two. Tell them if they are getting a blogpost review, or simply a mention in a destination article. Make sure there is no confusion about the deliverables, and then deliver them. If they held up their part of the arrangement, so should you.

6. Do you have examples of collaborations you’ve done before?

Any links to hotel reviews you have would be good, but please only send ONE link. Either to the most popular hotel reviews you have (the more comments under it from people wanting to book it, the better!) or to a category with your reviews in general. Mention how many hotel bookings you’ve delivered on previous collaborations.

BE AWARE that during the high seasons, many hotels can’t afford to do any complimentary stays with bloggers, as this is the time they have to make up for any losses during the winter season.


What is the best time to email hotels?
The earlier the better, but a year ahead of time is probably a bit much. I would say anywhere from six to two months before your stay. If your stay is coming up faster than that: just give it a shot, you’ve got nothing to lose. But accept they may not be able to arrange something for you. A lot of hotels have a certain amount of rooms they decidate to media stays per month, and if they’re all booked up, that’s it.

Do I need/send my mediakit?

I personally don’t think so. You’re mentioning everything that matters (name, stats, niche, examples of other collaborations) in the email, so there’s no read need for a mediakit that clutters up someones mailbox. You can always mention in your email that if they want your mediakit, to just ask, and you’ll send it.

How do I know who to email?

A lot of times you’ll email the general contact address which you’ll find on the hotel’s website, which is fine. But if you can find the marketing manager’s direct email, that’s even better. Even if you can’t find the direct email, it’s worth looking up the marketing managers name on LinkedIn, so you can at least use a personal ‘Dear X’ at the start of your email. All the little bits help :).

When do I need to follow up?

I would personally follow up two weeks after sending the email. Just casually remind them about your email, and ask if they’ve had a chance to take a look at it yet. If you’re pressed for time, one week is also fine. But please don’t send a follow-up email within a week of sending the initial pitch, that’s just desperate.

Do I need a contract?

I haven’t used contracts for most of my complimentary stays. If you want to though, you can use one that outlines what both parties are responsible for in this collaboration. This post by Alicia can get you started.

What are the minimum visitor numbers you need to get a complimentary stay at a hotel as a blogger?

There really is no set rule for this! So this is my personal preference, but I would wait until you have at least two to five thousand unique monthly readers (UV, not pageviews!), so you’re sure you have something to offer. The more the better obviously. But it’s more important if you have a great niche that’s a perfect fit for the hotel, and how engaged your audience is. If you have either, you have to really stress that. For example: I know a few hotels I’ve reviewed have gotten MULTIPLE bookings from my review, so I mention that :).

Finally: ALWAYS be polite. How you act in your email contact with the hotel  not only reflects upon you,  but upon ALL bloggers in general. Who knows… you might be the first blogger they’ve ever been in touch with, and if you’re rude, that might scare the hotel off of working with bloggers in general. The hotel may have very good reasons to say no to a collaboration, and if they do, please be graceful. You don’t want to be known for being rude (and as someone who works with bloggers at a company, yes, we gossip about you). Always take the high road and stay professional. Also understand that no matter how spectacular your email is, blogger collaborations aren’t the hotels main focus, so you’ll probably only get a small number of replies to your pitch.

If you’d like to see some of my (Dutch, sorry!) reviews of hotels, you can see them here.


I’m sure that with these tips, you’ll absolutely SMASH your first collaboration with a hotel, but to help you even more I’ve put together an easy to fill out e-mail format for you that you can use whenever you approach hotels for collaborations! All you have to do is fill in the blanks, and you’ll be sure to send a hard to resist pitch! Click below to buy it!

Have you ever written a blogpost about a complimentary stay?


This guide tells you how you can work with hotels as a blogger. It includes tips and a handy email template so you can send smashing pitches.



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    • Cornelis
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      Thank you for reassuring me i’ve been doing a good job. I’m only blogging for a few months and always handled my e-mails like this. This method got me 3 hotel stays in Amsterdam and Budapest.

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        Hi Cornelis,

        I am planning a trip to Amsterdam and would like to pitch some hotels.
        Which hotel did you pitch for a stay?


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      I’m new to this so thanks for this super helpful post! I looked at some of the pictures from the Dutch hotels…wish I could read them!! The hotels look amazing!!

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    From my experience emailing the general email address of the hotel is usually a waste of time unless the hotel is very small. Most places will have a media/press section with a direct contact or I send a tweet first asking for a contact person/email address. Also making good contacts with PR companies always helps as they will usually have multiple clients or hotels with properties in different places – once you can deliver good content for one of them, it is a lot easier to get repeat ‘work’ from that.

    • Explorista
      Posted 16 May, 2016 12:58 0Likes

      Hi Annika! In my experience it isn’t a waste, but then many hotels I’ve approached don’t have a PR section. If they have one though, that’s definitely better than the general email. Your tip about PR agencies is good too, although most of my contacts have been direct :)

    • Annika
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    I’m looking forward to putting together an email to pitch to companies. Again, thank you for sharing!


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    This is a very helpful posts! I’m interested in building up a section on my blog for travel, but I don’t really have much money to do so. I’ve always wondered how travel bloggers get their complimentary stays when they may be first starting out and now I’ve got great info on how to approach hotels. Thank you so much for putting this together!


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    This is super helpful, it’s what I’ve been doing (with some success) but it’s great to know that I’m on the right track. I send a link to my Media Pack (uploaded onto Dropbox and the link shortened using that way people have it if they want to see it without clogging up their inbox :)

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    Thanks so much for such an informative post, Milou! I think new bloggers are generally apprehensive about how much we have to offer to ask for comp stays, but you’ve provided some great advice and that’s really encouraging! Thanks (:

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    These are greats tips!! I have never worked with a hotel before but I would love to, though I don’t have that many followers. I hope I once will be able to work together with one!! That would be such a dream of mine coming true.

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    Great information. I have sent out a few queries similar to this without success, but I will keep on trying. What is your success rate? Also wondering if you ever ask for and receive complimentary flights or travel within a country?

    • Explorista
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      Hi Shirley,
      I wouldn’t really have a percentage for you, but my success rate is quite high. I always keep an eye on hotels that have worked with bloggers before, as it helps if they’re already open to the idea. I would never ask the hotel to pay for my flights or transport, but in general you could use the pitch for that too, yes, for flight or transport partners! Good luck!

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    Hi there! Very helpful post, I was researching how to approach hotels and this looks like a way to go :) I’ve done this in the past, back when I was working in the tourism industry. Kind of wrote to hotels on my own, saying I work for this company, and in order to sell your hotel better, I’d like to see it for myself. Got 3 nights in 3 different 5* hotels in Oslo – not too bad, considering their prices!
    Now, I’ve got a travel blog and slowly building my audience, so it might be time to try it out.
    Thanks again for all the helpful tips!
    Cheers, Maria

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    Thanks for this post! Very helpful. Random question… I know the subject line is very important since it’ll be the reason they do or don’t decide to open it, but I can’t for the life of me figure out a good one. Can you share what email subject you use when you send these pitches? Thanks a million in advance :)

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      I usually go for something like ‘Blogger partnership (dates)’!

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      You’re very welcome. It’s never a waste of time if you walk away with experience :-) Just remember if you don’t hear from a hotel it’s usually not personal!

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      Hey twana, probably at least 5,000. But it’s all relative. If you have a very strong niche (like safari’s or hiking) it could be less. But he most important thing is: you’re not doing this for yourself. You have to have actual influence to be able to help a hotel. Or else you are basically scamming the hotel if you know no one will be reading the post or booking the hotel :).

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      Hi Eran,
      You could certainly do that, you’ve got nothing to lose there :). Always use your blogs email address!

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    Hi all,
    I’m from Hotel NuVe Group, a hotel chain in Singapore. Let me know if anyone of you are visiting Singapore and we can definitely collaborate on something.

    • Explorista
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      Now this is a lovely message. Thank you Danny! Super helpful!

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    xx Nicki

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    Thank you very much for your post. I am working on expanding my “reviews” niche and was looking for ways to obtain products/services to review on. Your post is very helpful.

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    Great suggestions. I live in Hawaii and would love to blog about the hotels but staying there is too pricy and it’s hard to get the whole experience without staying – think I’ll try some of these techniques and see how it goes.

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    This post is a life saver!! i had no idea what to write in my email or how to even begin writing! Thank you for sharing this with us =o)

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    Hey, thank you for this post. I have a quick query, what if this is the first time and I haven’t reviewed any hotel earlier, but my blog/website is doing well ? As in what is I don’t have any previous collaboration, what to do then? Any suggestions would be welcome :)

    The Travel Speak

    • Explorista
      Posted 29 June, 2017 11:22 0Likes

      Hey Amar, that’s fine. There’s two ways to deal with this: the best one is to write a review of a hotel you’ve already stayed in and paid for yourself, so you have an example of your work. The second option is to just send them to an example of your general work, and describe in detail what you would deliver for them!

      Good luck!

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    Hi Milou!

    Great post, thank you for sharing! It’s really helpful.

    I am currently working with my friend Giulio Aprin (@giulioaprin on Instagram), in the hope of starting to progress his blogging into travel as currently it is more photography and lifestyle based. I would love to read your email template but when I try to sign up to the mailing list it keeps telling me I’ve already tried to sign up previously- which I haven’t. Any chance you could email it to me?

    Thanks so much!

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    This post helped me so much. I just started reaching out to some places with no results but I’m very confident in my email structure. If you EVER have a moment I would love to discuss it in private with you!
    Big success for the blog!

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    Hi there! THank you so much for this post!
    I have a question:
    If they offer a reduced rate that is actually only about $10 less than their listed room rates, how would you counter?
    I have a following of 25k+ across my social media channels and average 50000 unique visitors a month on a page. I sent an email to my first collaboration hotel and they countered with a room rate of $135/night, But their online listed rate is $150 with a $10 discout if you are booking more than a month in advance… I don’t know how to respond???

    • Explorista
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      Hi Juli! Thanks for your comment: sorry for the late response, I was spending the weekend offline at my parents house :). I would simply email them back saying: “I’m sorry, but at this moment in time we are only able to consider fully comped stays” or if the rate they offer is simply to high just say “I’m sorry, but the media rate does not work with my budget.”

      • Juli Purcell
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        Thank you so much!!!

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    Such a great post! I am new at this, but I am sure your post can help me.
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      Hi Christina, odd that you’re not getting it… can you email me and I will send you the template! :)

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    Mellie Michelle
    Beauty Blogger

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      Hi Mellie,

      That’s very odd, it works for me. Have you tried a different browser? If you email me proof of email list sign up I will gladly send you the pdf.

      Best wishes!

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    Super grateful :)


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    Hi thank you so so much, this was really helpful and gained lot of information. we at believe in community travel blog . helps as network with bloggers worldwide . new concept from Sri Lanka works well. any travel blogger who is planning a trip to Sri lanka please contact us we will arrange the free stay as mentioned above. once again thank you so much Milou. hope we will work together soon :)

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    Thank you SO much for this blog post. I don’t see where I can enter my email to receive the template. Can anyone help me? :)

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      Hi Kathy! Click the banner and you’ll be asked to fill in your email in exchange for the template :)

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    Great read, I have been doing reviews in Spain but have ventured to the UK and was came across your article. Do you find that the way you approach a hotel varies from country to country or would you stick to the same method, many thanks, Chris @

    • Explorista
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      Hi Chris! No, I actually tend to stick to the same plan of attack for each destination :)

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      Hi Lisa! If you email us, we will send it to you!

      Best wishes! X

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      Yes, you get it once you sign up to the mailing list :)

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    This is fantastic advice! I am a new blogger and this gives me hope that I might can work with hotels even though my numbers are not big right now. Thanks for the great article!

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    Hi Explorista! Great blog post. I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now and it’s been working out great so far. My problem now is that I’ve have ended up in a small resort that I really don’t want to promote on my blog or social media as it’s awful. The people are nice enough but it’s unhygienic, full of mosquitos etc Have you any advice?

    • Explorista
      Posted 27 September, 2017 09:29 0Likes

      Hi! Is this anything you could have foreseen if you had done better research or just bad luck? It’s a lesson learned for sure! The way I approach it is I write honest reviews. So I write the pros and the cons to a place. If it’s really (almost) all bad, I would generally discuss it with the manager first to see if they’d like me to not post instead. So far, they’ve always appreciated a honest review. I always try and look at it in an honest way: things I’m not liking, may be great for someone else. I’m sure that mosquitos are just part of the area, for example, and you couldn’t really blame the hotel for it? However, hygiene would be.

      Good luck on your post!

      • Michael Taylor
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        I’ve successfully pitched to hotels many times, but whenever it comes time to doing it, I get cold feet, which is how I found your post. A quick google search, and there it was! In my case, it provided confirmation that my approach was right – and a good check list to make sure I had not forgotten anything. But it did answer one nagging question: don’t bother with the press kit (unless asked, of course). The key information should be in the email (which should be short and sweet). And one more thing: provide a link to a previous post (if you have one). It’s all very good advice, especially the point about focus: what’s it in FOR THE HOTEL. One thing people forget is they are so focused on what THEY want to get out of the deal, they forget about looking at it from the hotel’s perspective. Now, if I can add a few points of my own … 1.) Having become friends with PRs at some hotels, I’ve learned that they generally won’t host someone if they are running running at 70% or more occupancy (unless you have a LOT to offer) so try to approach them for stays during the off season or slow periods. 2.) If you are a newbie with a small following, approach properties that have just opened. They are usually hungry for any publicity they can get. When my blog was just three months old and I only had a few hundred page views a month, I was offered an eight-night stay at a wellness resort, which included three meals a day, spa treatments, and classes. I’ve been at it for seven years now, and that STILL remains my most generous and lengthiest stay. I should emphasize that I hadn’t asked for this. They offered it. But I was generous too, doing a blog post each day of my visit, which I turned into a mini-series, linking the posts together. 3.) Cultivate personal relationships with PR agencies and PRs working at hotel groups, and try to get on their mailing lists. If you make yourself valuable to them (sharing their pix and news on Facebook or dropping names in blog posts never hurts), you will have a better chance of being invited on a press trip when they are looking for people to invite. Believe it or not, they can often have a difficult time finding suitable invitees!

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    We are a Thailand based travel company operating under 3 different names. We actively encourage bloggers to contact us and offer free or discounted trips to bloggers. More information can be found on our websites:

    Hope this will be useful to some of your readers!

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    Great and very well-written post! Thank you so much for sharing! Thus, I would like to highly stress the importance of delivering what you promised – and delivering it more or less quickly. I used to work at hotels and hostels, and especially one of my managers were happy to let bloggers stay for free. But unfortunately, he stopped being so pleased about it simply because the bloggers weren’t delivering their part… So please please guys; if you are serious about it! Cool! But if you don’t have time/take the time to do the review, don’t ruin it for the rest of us. Don’t think my former manager is that different from any other hotel manager out there.

    Thanks for a great post! :)

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    Thank you so much for sharing this! I have a question: when you are planning a trip, do you contact multiple hotels for the same set of dates, or contact one and wait for a response? There are several that I’m interested in but I didn’t know if it would be poor form to contact more than one at a time (in separate emails, of course).

    • Explorista
      Posted 20 December, 2017 11:20 0Likes

      Hi Amy! It’s totally fine to email multiple hotels at the same time. You’ll find that many of them won’t reply, so it’s always good to not waste your time in reaching out to multiple properties. Plans change, so it’s no problem to let them know you are not able to stay with a hotel after all if two of them confirm for the same dates (as long as you give them plenty of notice).

      • Amy
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        Thank you!

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      Excuse me? I’m sharing a huuuuge article full of extensive advice available for free for anyone who needs it. Anyone who wishes to get the exact email template I use can download it for an small fee of 99 cents. Why do you think you shouldn’t have to pay for it? I find your request ungrateful. If you wish to get the email template, you can purchase it like anybody else.

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    It seems like some of the written text within your posts are running
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    Many thanks

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      My name is Milou, lol. I hope you do your research better when you start pitching! ;-) X

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    • Explorista
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      If you’re new to blogging you are probably not going to provide much value to the hotel, let alone bookings. Remember: this is not about getting a free tip, this is about collaboration in a valuable exchange of services! If you have a large and engaged IG that’s fine too (at least 50K+ followers, I’d say), but if you know deep down you won’t get any bookings for the hotel, then please don’t reach out to them as it will devalue blogger collaborations as a whole :).

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    This is extremely helpful thank you! A couple of questions, what do you put in the subject line of the email? And would you recommend asking for a complimentary stay OR a discounted rate in the email? Or is that kind of setting you up for the lesser? I’m still fairly small so I don’t want to be too enthusiastic and defer them away

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    Great and very well-written post! Thank you so much for sharing! Thus, I would like to highly stress the importance of delivering what you promised – and delivering it more or less quickly.

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  • Marie
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    Thanks for sharing your tips! As you said, the approach is key. However, I think it is ill-advised to not reach out for comped rooms even when you are starting out. I started my blog about 10 days ago. I am planning travel in about 10 days. I reached out to 13 hotels in the area where I am traveling and my third response was a yes! I didn’t mention I am new, or starting out, and I’m not even a travel blogger. I just said what I am doing in town and that I would love to feature a local hotel while I feature their local donut shops. The manager I emailed was more than happy to oblige. I can’t wait!

    • Explorista
      Posted 18 May, 2018 09:40 0Likes

      Congratulations on your new blog! I stick by what I said in the article. For most new bloggers with no following it’s difficult to drive any bookings, and therefor offer ROI. That hurts the industry and is not a win-win collaboration, but usually comes from a selfish act (wanting a free hotel room). That’s not how to do it.

      You do have a very good angle and very tight niche, so things are better in your scenario and I can see why hotels would want to work with you. Good luck on your stay! Your idea of starting local is a GREAT one!

  • Tricia
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    Appreciate all of your tips! I’m considering pitching hotels for a family vacation and wasn’t quite sure where to start. This is extremely helpful and I’m confident I’ll have success following your tips. It’s very generous of you to share this information with the rest of the blogging world, so THANK YOU!


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      You can click the links in the article, or the file under it :-)

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    any suggestions on how to reply if a hotel “we will not be moving forward with this opportunity” ?


    • Explorista
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      “Ok, thank you for your time. Please do let me know should things change in the future”.

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    This was super helpful just bought the template and will be sending it out to a few hotels in dubai thanks for the help :D

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      You can buy it on Gumroad via the links in the article!

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    This is great advice. I’m curious, I run 2 Facebook groups & have over 14k members, I am extremely active & people love my advise, do you think that it makes it a more attractive offer? I was comped 7 nights at 2 hotels last month, they came to me. I want to go back later in the year & stay somewhere else do I mention that others have comped me? Thanks

    • Explorista
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      It would make sense to show examples of collaborations you’ve done in the past, and the results that’s gotten, yes!

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    I purchased this but haven’t received anything! Please help :)

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      Hi Christina! If you used the email address that you put with this comment for the sale too, the sale hasn’t come through! That’s why you haven’t received anything :) i’d try again if I were you!

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    Thank you for this! I’m working on an internship right now where my boss has recommended that I do this, but hasn’t given me too much info on how to go about it. This was very helpful!

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    Can we get complimentary stay against review OR SEO Re-Touch?
    Do you have a email template for the purpose?

    • Explorista
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      Hi Ashok, sure, SEO services, why not? I think you’ll have better luck with smaller hotels though, as big chains will already have digital marketing departments. A free stay against a review if you don’t have a platform, I don’t think will work. Hotels get plenty of reviews as it is, plus it’s technically illegal on Tripadvisor, I believe, to review something you’ve gotten sponsored. I don’t have a template for barter deals with services, but you could probably amend the template to fit your own services!

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