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Welcome to my free library of bad ass checklists, pdf’s and workbooks for travel bloggers & travelpreneurs like you! This free library will be updated regularly with helpful downloads that will help you cut the cubicle and make money anywhere in the world… wether that be trough travel blogging or your own freelancing business: I’ve done it all, really! So let me help you build a business and life of your dreams.

Simply click the download button on any of the files below and get working away. Have any questions? You can always reach me on my Facebookpage! This page is for nifty little boss babes & boys only, so let’s keep this password between you and me, shall we?


    Use this template if you...
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    The checklist!
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    A free travel guide to...
  • How to become a travel marketeer checklist
    Keep this checklist at hand...
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    A free travel guide to...
  • End The Envy Worksheet
    Banish blogger envy FOREVER.