How much does it cost to visit Berlin?

My granddad has traveled a lot during his 85 years on this earth. He’s visited the United States and Canada many times, went to Egypt and discovered several countries in Africa (together with my grandmother). As a representative, he also traveled through all of Europe, from customer to fair, and still tells me the greatest stories about it. But he had never been to Berlin. And he didn’t really feel like traveling on his own. So I suggested we’d go together. And that’s how two years ago, me and my grandpa ended up in Berlin for five days.

I figured this would be a great time as any to share how much it costs to visit Berlin!



Deutsche Bahn Utrecht – Berlin, return: €156

I went to Berlin by train. I thought that was easiest for my granddad, just get on and sit down for six hours. The train ride was really good. There was no food on board though, you have to bring it yourself. But the seats were comfortable, the toilet was clean, and I had even had a little nap. Downsides? There was no wifi, and then six hours is suddenly quite long. I would definitely go to Germany by train again, but I think about four hours would be my max. But I have to say: when traveling with a senior, a train is really convenient.

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Airbnb: €300

For four nights in our Airbnb we paid €300. It got us a spacious two bedroom apartment in the centre of the Mitte neighborhood. It was within walking distance of Alexanderplatz and the Fernsehturm, so really good. 300 euros (including a cleaning and administration fee) is quite expensive, if I would be traveling on my own I’d probably choose to stay at on the many hip hostels Berlin has. If I would be together with Mr. I would probably book a hotel room or a (cheaper) Airbnb. But my granddad and I preferred to have two separate bedrooms – if you are traveling with four people this might be a good option for you too.



Breakfast + lunch + dinner for 5 days: €160

As you can see, food in Berlin is really cheap. This price is for two people, and about 4,5 days. We went out for lunch and dinner every day. On average, going out for dinner (at a simple pizzeria or eatery) was about €25 for two people. That’s nothing. Of course you can save some money by cooking at home, but hey… why would you if going out for lunch and dinner will only cost you €20 a day?


Berliner Dom: €8
Mauer museum: €11,60
Schloss Charlottenburg: €18

The Berlin Welcome Card (that I received from the tourism centre) not only provides you with free public transport, it also gives you a discount for a few sightseeing attractions. Although there are lots of things in Berlin that are free to visit, the things you have to pay for are not really cheap. Not on this list is visiting the Berlin Reichstag, which isn’t super easy to do anymore, so you’ll want to read up on how to go!

If you’re looking for ideas for alternative sightseeing tours in Berlin, I recommend reading this guide!

Total: €654

Per person: €327


How much you would probably need: €218

This amount is based on approximately €20 per day for food, €5 per day for sightseeing, early bird tickets at Deutsche Bahn which will get you €58 return tickets, and a bed in a dorm room in a hip hostel for €15 per night (although for instance Generator Hostels have quite affordable private rooms too!). You can obviously save a bit more on food by cooking yourself.

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