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Last month I was finally back in the city that stole my heart: my beloved London. I was there for a conference and was staying for a week. This meant I needed a nice ‘base’ to work whenever I wasn’t visiting events or having dinner with friends.

Enter: SACO Fitzrovia. Together with my friend Annemarie (the one who took the photo above!) we used this beautiful apartment as our #Girlboss HQ to relax after we were done with our busy appointments and kicking ass with our companies!

The concept

SACO apartments is a company which rents ‘serviced’ apartments. This is like a crossover between a normal apartment and a hotel. For instance, you’ll get a cleaning service and there’s a reception. We also had our own kitchen, washing machine and wifi. SACO has apartments located all around the United Kingdom which can be used by regular travelers as well as business travelers.

It’s a bit more expensive than a regular hotel room, but if you take into account you can use this apartment with up to four people it’s actually quite affordable. Especially if you consider the central location, the luxury and the fact that you can cook your own meals so you don’t have to spend extra money on dinner or an expensive breakfast buffet.

The apartment

We were lucky: this SACO location was not officially opened until a week after our stay, so we got a sneak preview! And then we even got the penthouse on the upper floor :). The apartment has a shiny kitchen with a dishwasher, a washing machine and even some breakfast. The living room turned out to be perfect to host a girls night with pizza and wine, but also for curling up on the couch with a magazine after a long day of work.

Our apartment had two bedrooms that both had their own bathroom (with an actual bath!). The bed was super comfortable and I slept like a log. We didn’t use the TV, but I believe it’s an Apple TV, so that’s pretty cool. But the coolest thing in my opinion was definitely the balcony: it surrounds the apartment on all sides, so we could check out the Big Ben and St. Paul’s Cathedral all from the comfort of our temporary home!

The only downside was the wifi that didn’t work perfectly. It didn’t bother me too much, but the signal in the bedrooms could’ve been a bit better. For work I was only using the kitchen or living room anyway, so no problems there. They did tell me they would improve the wifi though, since the apartment wasn’t officially opened yet. I also noticed this when I entered the reception: there weren’t any signs which confused me for a second, but I’m sure they are going to fix this too. The apartments were all finished off nicely and by now they are all officially opened, so I’m sure you won’t notice a thing! :)

The area

I’ve visited lots of times by now, but I’ve never stayed in a more convenient neighborhood in London than this one: Fitzrovia. It’s located just north of Soho, and almost every appointment I had was only two stops away: from the Big Ben to Kings Cross and from Baker Street to Holborn: it was all really close.

The British Museum, one of my favorite museums in London, is even within walking distance, and the stop for Goodge underground is only a two minute walk away. To top it all off it’s the perfect location to go and see some musicals, which my friend Annemarie did multiple times!

All in all it was a great place to work from. Both me and Annemarie did a lot of work from our HQ, we had friends over, and the location was perfect to get to our appointments quickly. I can 100% recommend SACO Fitzrovia if you’re visiting London with friends or for work.


What kind of accommodation do you book when you’re on a business trip?

I stayed at SACO Fitzrovia by invitation of the organization. However, I’m free to write what I want so I like to point out both the upsides and downsides, so you can form your own opinion. 

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