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TRAVEL GUIDE: How to spend an amazing weekend in Athens

TRAVEL GUIDE: How to spend an amazing weekend in Athens


Everywhere around me I heard negative stories about Athens, as I told people I was about to go visit for a life-changing conference. It was dirty, ugly, busy and hot. Or so they said. Turns out “they” aren’t always the people to listen to. Because when I visited the city in autumn, I was swept off my feet by it.

I ADORED Athens. If you’re looking for a change from the classics in Europe (Paris, Rome, London), I can definitely this Greek Goddess. Sure, you’ll get lost every three minutes because the city is essentially a life sized maze with random wriggly figures they call ‘letters’, but it was also a place I never felt unsafe, and always ended up discovering cool new places when I went for a wander.

Athens does require a little guidebook on what to expect though. Athens is interesting. It’s not easy, like Paris. It’s a bit like the Shoreditch of Europe. Run down, dirty and chaotic, but with creativity and colors popping up everywhere, something I deeply enjoyed. Here and there an ancient building pops up, in the middle of a roundabout sometimes. No biggie. If you visit this right after the bliss of the Greek Islands, you’ll struggle to adept. If you visit this looking for a unique destination full of character in the spring or autumn: Athens should 100% be your next destination. Here’s what to see, eat and where to party in Athens.