The best restaurants in Kitzbühel (and surroundings)

If your favorite parts of going on a wintersports holiday are the evenings where you can discover some great local restaurants, then Kitzbühel is going to be right up your alley. I have gone out for food every night for a week while there and have discovered all different kinds of restaurants: from cozy family restaurants to high class dining. It is advised that you make a reservation in advance if you want to go to any of these places. These are the best restaurants in Kitzbühel and surrounding neighborhoods. (according to me :-))


Gasthaus Auwirt

Our first evening was the culinair peak of our week here, I think. It was SO good. Gasthaus Auwirt is a real gem in the neighborhood and that doesn’t go unnoticed… there were so many people! The place is all about seeing and being seen. But the food really is quite thát good. I had an amazing steak tartare with great risotto, and the basil prosecco will not be forgotten either. 


Adres: Paß-Thurn-Straße 13, 6371 Aurach bei Kitzbühel



Rasmushof is located at the foot of the famous Streif, and is an icon in Kitzbühel. The hotel with restaurant is a family business that has been running successfully since 1974. The owner is an amazing woman with a great love and passion for Kitzbühel. Which is not so strange when you know that her family has played a big role in the city (her great grandfather even used to be the mayor).

Adres: Hermann Reisch Weg 15, 6370 Kitzbühel



Funny story: we accidentally ended up in Neuwirt, that is located in hotel Schwarzer Adler in Kitzbühel, while having reservations for Schwarzer Adler in Jochberg. Oops! But it was a good “oops”, because the food here was so amazingly good. We had a great appetizer with lobster and for the main course a tender steak. If you really want to treat yourself to something luxurious, then you should definitely check out this place!

Adres: Florianigasse 15, 6370 Kitzbühel



We didn’t just go to Kitzbühel however. We also spend an evening in Kirchberg, having dinner at the cozy Kupferstub’n. The atmosphere of this restaurant is very casual and traditional, thus making it a lovely place to visit with the family. The dessert was my favorite: crêpes with vanilla-ice cream and chocolate sauce. Yum!

Adres: Kitzbüheler Str. 9, 6365 Kirchberg in Tirol

Kitzbuhel23 Kitzbuhel24


I always enjoy going to restaurants that only the locals seem to know of, and Ruetzenhof is one of these “yet to be discovered gems“. Note: the restaurant is always fully booked, so it is advised to make a reservation in advance. On the mountain wall, outside of Kirchberg, you can find a small wooden restaurant that is loved by the locals for its great traditional cuisine. Here I ate an amazing Schweinebraten mit Zwiebeln (that I still dream about to this day – no matter how unappetizing it might look in the picture) and tried my first Kaiserschmarrn, which are some sort of poffertjes (Dutch mini pancakes). And they were soooo good. It appeared that these were the best that my Austrian table companions had ever tasted as well.

Adres: Hinterer Sonnberg 14, 6365 Kirchberg in Tirol

Kitzbuhel25 Kitzbuhel26

Gasthof Schwarzer Adler

After a false start in Kitzbühel we finally arrived at Schwarzer Adler in Jochberg. And I wouldn’t want to have missed this. There was some great cooking going on here as well, and I got to try the classic Spinatknodel. I also went for a another steak tartare. This one was finely ground. Both had amazing flavors and the owners of the place were very friendly!

Adres:  Dorf 13, 6373 Jochberg


Gasthaus Bärnbichl

If you are looking for something traditional, then you have to go to Gasthaus Bärnbichl. Here they serve classic dishes such as fried cheese (SO GOOD) and of course the good old Schnitzel. The quality of this Schnitzel was really good and I enjoyed every bite of it. The restaurant is build in a small room with the vibes of a living room, which makes it super cozy and warm. The evening was complete when we stepped outside and saw big snowflakes fall down from the sky.

Adres: Bärenbichlweg 35, 6373 Jochberg


Ganslern Alm

Our last dinner was at a restaurant that should take home all the design prizes there are. Gosh, so classy! Of course, since this restaurant is located literally on top of the slope, we had an amazing view over Kitzbühel. I also heard that the chocolate milk here is absolutely terrific, but I didn’t get to try it. I especially enjoyed the sweet potato fries. (Photo from Ganslern Alm themselves, because my camera couldn’t handle the lighting very well :)).

Adres: Ried Ecking 21, 6370 Kitzbühel

What is your favorite restaurant in Kitzbühel and surroundings?

I was in Kitzbühel as part of the #jouwthuisindewinter campaign, but all opinions are my own.


  1. Alistair

    My absolute favourite restaurant in Kitzbühel is Louis Stern!

    I’ve been skiing in Kitzbühel since I was a young child and this was the first restaurant in the town that really blew me away.


    1. Explorista

      I will have to go back and try it! Not a bad excuse to return :-)


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