The Perfect Romania Itinerary: Budget & Tips

While we were staying in Bucharest for a month, we decided to plan a trip around the country for a little more than a week. Here’s a break down of our Romania itinerary with some budget and tips!

As soon as we settle somewhere as digital nomads, we always try to plan a small round trip. Just to get away from our computers, and enjoy the landscape outside the city where we live temporarily. We decided to rent a car and do a nice road trip around Transylvania. In our small journey, we saw some beautiful castles, cities, villages, parks, and even some bears.

Our whole week-long trip took about about nine days in total, though you could probably shorten it to a week or lengthen it into two weeks.

You can then rent a car to continue your trip. I always rent at Sunny Cars because of the All-Inclusive formula.

A Romania Road Trip Itinerary Guide

2 Nights: Bucharest

There is a big chance that you will arrive in Bucharest if you are going on a round trip through Romania. The airport is located to the north of the city, and you will soon have to spend half an hour to an hour to get to the city.

I advise you to take one and a half days to discover the city. The old center is not that big, but you’ll have to spend some time visiting the Palace of Parliament (tickets here) and possibly some museums. Perhaps you, just like me, have to get used to the city. There is a lot of traffic, and many buildings look a bit run down. But when you look further, you see that the city is full of beautiful Art Deco architecture, palaces, and full of nice restaurants.

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Some Tour Ideas

Where to Stay?

Since we were based here outside of the trip, we rented an Airbnb. However, if you’re looking for a nice hotel, try the Grand Boutique Hotel.

Check here to see more places to stay in Bucharest

2-3 Hours: Peles Castle

On your way from Bucharest to Brasov, stop by Peles Castle for a few hours.

In the Netherlands everyone will know the castle of Dracula, but no one has ever heard of this castle. Yet I found this a much nicer castle. In fact, I am a fan of castles, and it is one of the nicer ones I have ever visited.

Tip: Take a guided tour and admire the beautiful interior.

2 Nights: Braşov

From Peles Castle, continue on to Braşov in the afternoon. Around 6:00pm, you can join the free walking tour from Walkabout Tours. This way you can immediately see all of the city.

I actually liked Braşov better than Bucharest because it was not as big and less crowded. It has a nice center, where you can see the most important sights in half a day.

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Some Tour Ideas:

Where to Stay?

We stayed at Hotel Apollonia. It was comfortable and not far from the city center if you’re looking for a budget-friendly hotel.

Check for more hotels in Brasov here


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