The Ultimate Digital Nomad Give-away!!!

Ok, so I normally don’t get SO excited about give-aways that I have to use three exclamation points. I also don’t normally share anyone’s give away, because to be honest… they are usually kind of lame. But when Teachable (a platform with online courses) approached me, I instantly said yes. They are giving away the ultimate prize for digital nomads:

a $1000 travel voucher + a wifi hotspot + 4 courses and 2 books on ditching the 9-5 + a course on how to create a course with Teachable + 1 year of Teachable Pro + a 1 hour consult with the Teachable head of content

Isn’t that amazing? You not only get money to be traveling anywhere, you get the tools you need to actually work, you get a free consult and four (!) courses and two books that will help you make income on the road. You can see which courses and books on their websites. I actually own one of the books they give-away and it’s one of my favorites. I regularly give it away as a gift! All in all: pretty bad ass give away!

You can participate via this link until july 25th. You’ll see me soon again with some new articles, I’m working on something really spectacular!

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  1. Sofie

    Kick-ass giveaway worthy of three exclamation marks!!!


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