Hey everyone! Considering I’m not too much of a regular vlogger, I thought it might be fun to accompany every new vlog with a personal message. A few weeks ago I started a weekly vlogging series on Youtube with the intent of giving people a behind the scenes of the life of a traveling female entrepreneur. I hoped it would be entertaining and perhaps even interesting for other people on similar paths, but mostly I want a document for myself to look back upon in a few years and see how far I’ve come. Since our big trip is also coming up, there will be lots to film then too.

In this blog I’m taking you along in the preparations for the trip. You’ll see me clean out my teenage room, so it can┬ábe turned into a guest room at my parents house (something I’ve been promising them for six years haha!). I’ll also visit Rotterdam to meet up with some friends from London who were over on a visit. I’ll bring you with me to the Euro Hockey Championships, and I’ll also talk to you about how I pitch in my business and what I’ve been learning from experience.

I hope the vlog is mildly interesting if you’re also running a business, or if you just want to see more about my life behind the scenes. Enjoy watching!


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