What to wear in Morocco

What to wear in Morocco (1)

Morocco was a dream destination to visit, when I hopped over on a whirlwind-trip two years ago. As excited as I was to visit, a major question also popped up: what to wear in Morocco? It was my second visit to a Middle Eastern or Arabic country, and I knew I wanted to respect the culture on my trip, but also look fashionable while doing it (because why not?!). To help you girls, I’ve put together a little guide on what to wear in Morocco.

Culture in Morocco

Morocco is an Islamic country, meaning in terms of fashion style they are quite conservative (for western standards). In the Middle East Morocco is actually one of the more liberal and developed countries, but I still personally like to dress on the safe side, so that I don’t draw any unwanted attention, or offend any of the elderly people. I think part of travel is adapting to the local customs, and if dressing conservatively (which I tend to do anyway) is part of that, I’m totally fine with that.

Temperature in Morocco

Morocco is quite a hot country, especially considering the Sahara borders Morocco on the south :-). Temperatures vary from north to south, and from summer to winter though. In Marrakech in winter it can be anywhere from 6-19 degrees celsius (with 13 degrees being average), and in summer temperatures can rise from 21-38 degrees (with 24 being average). It is also a very sunny destination, with loads of sun hours in a day. The northern part of Morocco can be a bit cooler than the temperatures mentioned, the south a bit warmer.

Do’s & Dont’s for outfits in Morocco

  • Wear light, airy clothing that covers up most of your body. This blocks the sun from reaching your skin, while air is able to pass trough your clothing, meaning you stay nice and cool. (And yes, I know it seems very counterintuitive to cover up in warm weather, but trust me!)
  • Cover your shoulders and knees for religious reasons. Always bring a scarf so you can cover your shoulders when needed.
  • Do not wear very tight or revealing outfits. Unfortunately men in Morocco CAN be quite intrusive with their staring, so don’t give them any more reasons to. You also may get turned away at religious buildings for your outfit, and why would you want to risk that?

Packing list Morocco:

  • Hat: not only does a hat make your outfit look 1000x more fashionable, it also shelters your head and face from the sun, minimizing your risk for sunstrokes and burns. I love hats like these or these, if you want to go full glamour.
  • Sunscreen: Yep, yep. The sun is strong in Morocco, so be sure to smother yourself in sunscreen. My absolute favorite sunscreen in the world for anyone with fair skin is the Coppertone SPF50 spray sunscreen. It is as light in texture as deodorant, instantly spreads, doesn’t stick and protects like crazy. I’m in love, for real.
  • Sunglasses: Like I said: the sun is BRIGHT in Morocco, so you’ll definitely want to cover your eyes with some stylish sunnies like these glamorous ones.
  • Scarf: I never travel anywhere without a scarf. It’s great as a coverup if you’re cold, or when visiting religious sites and you need to cover your shoulders or hair. Kate Spade has some gorgeous ones.
  • Maxi dresses: they cover you up, and look casual chic, what more do you want?
  • Maxi skirts: go with pretty much anything, they’re brilliant.
  • Tank top: I would definitely recommend bringing a nude tank top. They are life savers when you find out your tunic is a bit too see-trough or your dress has a bit much cleavage.
  • Cotton shirts: stay away from tight models with cleavage. Go for breezy and oversized. You’ll thank me.
  • Tunics: or something else sans cleavage. I like tunics as they are flowy, and look very casual, plus they come in gorgeous colors and designs.
  • Blazer: or a vest. Great for covering up when you’re cold or need something a bit more conservative, plus super stylish, so you can throw it over your outfit and be ready for dinner.
  • Pants: I like to stay with classic colors for these, so my tops can be a bit bolder. Either harem pants or a simple skinny works. I would stay away from jeans, as it’s too hot.
  • Shoes: sneakers work fine, but I wanted to go a bit more classic. No point in wearing high heels in Morocco, there’s too many unpaved or uneven roads. Go for classy sandals or flats in neutral colors so they go with any outfit.
  • Bags: Preferably go for something cross body with multiple zippers or flaps, against pickpockets. Unfortunately they are active in busy bazaars, so I would stay away from backpacks for this reason. I tend to wear bags where I can keep my arm or hand on the opening of it, to block it off.

What to wear in Morocco (2)


What is your best tip for what to wear in Morocco?

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