Where to Stay in Ibiza: the 13 Best Villages

When you have decided that you would like to go one of the loveliest beaches in Europe, the next question to answer is where to to stay in Ibiza! 

Would you rather go for the pleasant bustle in one of the larger places with trendy beach clubs or are you looking for some tranquility, nature, and a less touristy area? 

To make the choice a bit easier, today I’m sharing the nicest villages in Ibiza to stay and, above all, why!

What’s the Center of Ibiza?

The island’s airport is only a 10-minute drive from the capital: Ibiza Town. Ibiza Town is also the most densely populated part of the island and therefore the center of the island.

Ibiza consists of a number of municipalities that together form the entire island. The unofficial center, Ibiza Town, can be found in the municipality of Ibiza (no, the name is not very original). Ibiza is by the way the smallest municipality when you look at the map, and is surrounded by San José, San Antonio, San Eularia and San Juan. We’ll give you hotel tips for every municipality.

Where to Stay in Ibiza


Ibiza is only 11.1 km² in size. A good walk and you are already through it. You will find the municipality on the southeast coast of the island. It is a lively area where you will find a lot of places to go out. In addition to clubs, restaurants, cafés and bars, there is also something to see. For example, the center of the municipality, the old town, is on the World Heritage List.

San José

San José covers the south of the island and the municipality borders directly on Ibiza and San Antonio. You always visit this municipality when you go to Ibiza by plane, because the airport is located here. 

San José is known for the many beautiful beaches and some nature reserves such as Ses Salines. You will also find the necessary clubs and beach parties here, because San José is right next to lively Ibiza.

San Antonio

San Antonio, directly above San José on the west coast of Ibiza, has the second largest population of Ibiza town. Sant Antoni de Portmany is a former fishing village which has become one of the places to go out on the island. You will also find beautiful beaches and spectacular sunsets here.

San Eularia

San Eularia fills the rest of the east coast right next to Ibiza. It is one of the quieter municipalities on the island where the nightlife is very limited. Of course you will also find some beautiful beaches here and the surroundings are just as beautiful. San Eularia is the place on the island that is known as the cultural part of Ibiza where that true authentic feeling can still be found.

San Juan

San Juan is the last municipality in Ibiza and brings you to the north of the island. Partly because San Juan is far from the popular Ibiza town, authenticity, nature, and tranquility are the main reasons for moving to this municipality. San Juan also has one of the famous hippie markets of the island, but one that is a lot less touristy than Las Dalias and Punta Arabi in San Eularia.


Ibiza Town

The municipality of Ibiza only has one city and that is Ibiza Town. You feel completely at home if you are a busy bee during your vacation. Every morning you wake up quietly with a good cup of coffee and fresh fruit on the balcony. Or choose to eat a delicious breakfast in Ibiza Town, which is full of cozy restaurants where you can go all day.

Pay attention! The city is also called ‘Eivissa’ and you will regularly see this on the signs

After breakfast you dive into the old city center for a bit of history. D’Alt Vila is the historic center surrounded by city walls. This once served to protect the city, but nowadays it is primarily a beautiful area for walking. D’Alt Vila is higher than the surrounding landscape, which gives you a beautiful view.

End the day with good food (never enough good food!) in one of the restaurants. Then freshen up in your hotel and head for one of the clubs in town or near the beach. Dance into the night and then dive into your comfortable bed. 

You’ll like Ibiza if you love: as much fun as possible. You are in a nice historic city where there is a lot of choice in restaurants, shops, and places to go out. You can determine what you want (or hunt for!) Every day and therefore experience something different every day.

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Hotel tips for Ibiza Town

  • Apartamentos Ripoll Ibiza: This is the best choice for budget travelers. Perfect for you if you prefer the freedom of your own apartment. Enjoy air conditioning, a washing machine, a private kitchenette including a hob and fridge and a private balcony. A three-star apartment close to the port of Ibiza Town.
  • Hotel Royal Plaza: This hotel is the perfect choice if you want a wonderful hotel with a rooftop pool! You also have a view of the cathedral and the Mediterranean Sea from the roof. There is also a sauna.
  • Hotel THB Los Molinos Adults Only: This is the best choice for luxury travelers. A luxurious 4-star hotel with its own garden, swimming pool, (free!) Spa and only a 5-minute walk from the old town of Ibiza. A beautiful view, good location and all the luxury you are looking for on a holiday. What else do you want?

San José

Sant Jordi de ses Salines

The village of Sant Jordi de ses Salines owes its name to the salt lakes where the village is located nearby. Ses Salines is a protected natural area where you will not only encounter salt lakes, but also a beautiful beach. Sant Jordi has a friendly atmosphere and is a nice town to walk through. Moreover, you can easily reach the airport and Ibiza Town from here, so it is also a very convenient location.

San José

San José is not only a municipality, but also a village. A charming village to be precise. No crowds, hassle and sensation, just an idyllic place in Ibiza. San José has a number of good restaurants, nice shops and beautiful surroundings.

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Sant Agustí des Vedrà

Sant Augustí des Vedrà is another charming village in San José. The road to this village goes up because Sant Augustí is on a hill. The church in the village is one of the best places to enjoy the good view. In the village you will find the necessary shops and a few restaurants. Fortunately, you no longer need a wonderful relaxing holiday.

You’ll like San José if you love: a quiet environment not too far from the liveliness. The municipality is close to the busier Ibiza town, but has beautiful nature reserves and attractive villages. You can unwind in San José and after a short car ride you are back in the pleasant streets of Ibiza Town.

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Hotel tips for San José

  • Om Hotels: An outdoor swimming pool, a bar, a garden and a daily buffet breakfast. All this can be found in Om Hotels, a quiet boutique hotel near the airport and Ibiza Town. You can also rent bicycles here to discover the area. Perfect for spontaneous plans.
  • Villa Felisa: Comfort above all in four-star Villa Felisa. A private apartment with air conditioning, a spacious seating area and a hob. You also have access to a barbecue, outdoor swimming pool and garden. And all in a beautiful setting.
  • Aparthotel Puerto Cala Vadella  This location has apartments for the budget traveler, but also very luxurious apartments. You choose whether you look out at the sea or the mountains. Ideal if you like to be in a quiet environment, but want to leave the apartment for a drink (which you can find at the hotel bar).

Prefer a different hotel in San José? View all options here.

San Antonio

Sant Rafel de Sa Creu

A small village along the main road that runs from Ibiza Town towards the town of Sant Antoni. Although Sant Rafel itself is an atmospheric, quiet place that is best known for its pottery (they are particularly good at here), it is also very convenient to two large night clubs. After 10 minutes of walking you will be at clubs Amnesia and Privilege.

Sant Antoni de Portmany

Sant Antoni is a former fishing village and now one of the more famous places on the island. Atmospheric and lively, thanks in part to the Sant Antoni marina. You can watch people there, eat well at all kinds of restaurants and shop at a covered market that is open almost every morning.

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Santa Agnès de Corona

An almost fairy-tale village in the Ibiza countryside. Santa Agnès de Corona has it all: almond, lemon and orange trees, typical white houses, photogenic views and a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The village is also completely on the other side of Ibiza Town, making it perfect when you want to stay away from all the crowds.

You’ll like San Antonio if you love: all kinds of possibilities within reach. Visit the lively, eponymous town of Sant Antoni with its night clubs or go for the lovely traditional villages such as Santa Agnès de Corona.

Source: Agoda

Hotel tips for San Antonio

  • Hotel Puchet: A 3-star hotel in a quiet area with everything you need for a successful holiday: a swimming pool with private cabanas, a terrace, a wonderful restaurant, a beach within walking distance and a supermarket at the hotel.
  • Hostal La Torre Ibiza Cap Negret: A stylish boutique hotel with sea and garden views, where you will be served the most wonderful breakfast in the morning. Rent bicycles at the hotel and discover the beautiful surroundings.
  • Hotel Abrat: Take a dip in the outdoor swimming pool, start the day with a buffet breakfast and enjoy the setting sun from your private balcony. Enjoy the three-star Abrat hotel!

Prefer a different hotel in San Antonio? View all options here.

San Eularia

Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera

Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera is located in the heart of the island. It is well visited by tourists, but is definitely not too busy. You can see that in the restaurants, for example. They offer a good mix between local dishes and all kinds of foreign meals. You will also find all kinds of different shops and you have to admire the 18th century church.

Santa Eulària des Riu

Santa Eulària des Riu is a very atmospheric village where you will find beaches, but also a wide selection of shops, restaurants, and bars. It is one of the most beautiful villages to sit in when you have no desire for the nightlife.

Sant Carles de Peralta

The village of Sant Carles de Peralta is generally a wonderfully quiet village where you still get the feeling of ‘old’ Ibiza. There are many locals who live in the age-old, traditional homes. The only moment when it is a little less quiet there is when the famous hippie market Las Dalias settles there on Saturday.

You’ll like San Eularia if you like: atmospheric and idyllic villages. Relax completely by visiting the beaches from time to time, trying out new restaurants and enjoying a nice drink in one of the bars in the evening.

Source: Agonda

Hotel tips for San Eularia

  • Apartamentos Aguas Blancas: You no longer have to eat outside every day when you stay at Apartamentos Aguas Blancas. Enjoy the spacious apartments with a kitchen, dining area and a beautiful sea view.
  • Buenavista & Suites: The atmosphere in a family hotel like Buenavista & Suites is very cozy. Enjoy the tasty dishes in the restaurant and enjoy the setting sun from the hammock next to the pool. Relax!

Prefer a different hotel in San Eularia? View all options here.

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San Juan

San Miquel

The village of Sant Miquel is about 4 kilometers from the coast where you will still find a part: the port of the village. It is a quiet place where you can go for sun, sea, beach, one of the oldest churches on the island and just enough people for a relaxed, yet cozy atmosphere.

Sant Joan de Labritja

Just like most villages in the north of Ibiza, Sant Joan de Labritja also has a good atmosphere. A peaceful village with a nice market, beautiful surroundings, and some cozy cafes and restaurants.

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Portinatx is a beautiful resort all the way in the north of Ibiza. There are several beaches to be found and therefore it is one of the well-visited places in San Juan. An additional advantage: lots of choice of nice restaurants and all kinds of other facilities nearby.

You’ll like San Juan if you love: authentic Ibiza. In the north of the island you will find many quiet villages, beautiful beaches and friendly locals who can point you to the most beautiful places.

Hotel tips for San Juan

  • Grupotel Cala San Vicente : Entirely in the north of Ibiza you will find the luxurious 4-star hotel Grupotel Cala San Vicente. Although the hotel is equipped with all comforts (including evening shows), the area is still quiet. Perfect when you want to combine luxury with tranquility.
  • San Miguel Park Hotel: San Miguel Park Hotel is another gem. A luxury resort with 3 (!) Outdoor swimming pools, activities and entertainment for the kids. Outside the area is protected nature reserve and you will find all the peace you are looking for.

Prefer a different hotel in San Juan? View all options here.

What do you think are the best places to stay in Ibiza?

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